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Deaf South Asian Americans: Shazia’s Story

Shazia Siddiqi is a Deaf Pakistani American doctor, born in Texas area and raised in California. Meeting a deaf doctor is not a common experience, so I asked her to share her medical… Continue reading

Deaf South Asian Americans: Zara’s Story

Zara Husain is a Deaf Pakistani American scholar from Columbia University, who divides her time between the east coast and Lahore, Pakistan. She was kind enough to share some stories from her life… Continue reading

Colored Pencils: Making Change

Air Date: 10/2/2012 on KBOO, 10/6/2012 on KZME:   I recently began producing work for Dmae Roberts and MediaRites Productions. My first piece, which aired on KBOO’s Stage & Studio, featured Colored Pencils as part of Dmae’s Making Change series. Making Change is… Continue reading