Monthly Archive: May, 2014

Julia Cooke: Life in the New Cuba

Julia Cooke is a Portland-native reporter who now lives in NYC where she teaches Writing, and reports from Mexico and Cuba. Her first book, The Other Side of Paradise: Life in the New… Continue reading

Sikh American Children and Bullying

The Sikh Coalition recently released a report, Go Home Terrorist: A Report on the Bullying of Sikh American School Children. The findings of this report (including staggering statistics such as 67% of turbaned… Continue reading

Michael Pacheco: Of Angels, Demons & Chopped Chorizo

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with local author-former Marine-soon to be retired attorney, Michael Pacheco. He is the author of Of Angels, Demons and Chopped Chorizo: A Collection of Cuentos. Born… Continue reading