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Zainab Alkebsi: A SCOTUS Tale

Did you know that July is the anniversary month of the Americans with Disability Act (1990)? July is also the anniversary month of Intersections Radio (2015)! What better way to celebrate than airing… Continue reading

#NODAPL: Sarah Young Bear-Brown

One of the longest running stories of 2016 was the protest at Standing Rock, ND – to reroute the Dakota Access Pipeline. This protest gathered indigenous communities, environmentalists and allies from all over the… Continue reading

#WPSDhungerstrike: Fight for Deaf Children’s Education

People all over the United States are hunger striking for Deaf children’s education at Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf. This program has come under scrutiny due to its low Deaf representation in… Continue reading

Sara Nović: Girl at War

Sara Nović is an impressive writer with a unique perspective on language and writing. She recently graduated from Columbia University with an MFA in Creative Writing and Translation Studies. Her debut novel, Girl… Continue reading

ISLRTC Autonomy Now!: The WIN

First things first: Read, listen to and watch everything here for the back story on the Indian Sign Language Research and Training Center and Deaf India’s fight to run this establishment. Now that you’ve done… Continue reading

ISLRTC Autonomy Now!

Air date: 4/22/2015: You can read the transcript here: ISLRTCTranscript India’s Deaf Community is fighting for their independence! This is a story that is near and dear to me. The Indian Sign Language Research… Continue reading

Cece Bell: El Deafo

Lately I’ve had the great fortunate of interviewing deaf folks for radio and it has been awesome. Here’s another one to add to the list! I have to admit, when I heard the title El… Continue reading

Tribes: #DeafTalent and Authentic Casting

I’ve been working with Deaf people for a long time (I’m a sign language interpreter when I’m not at KBOO). It’s a rare event that my radio/journalism world and my Deaf world come… Continue reading

Deaf South Asian Americans: Shaji’s First Days in America

Shaji Chacko is a Deaf Indian American who grew up in the Philadelphia area, after immigrating to the US from Hyderabad in the early 80s. I learned about Shaji through the grapevine of… Continue reading

Deaf South Asian Americans: Smita’s First Days in America

Smita Kothari was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. She finished her college degrees in Business and in Education in India, never having had interpreters. Smita moved here two years ago after… Continue reading