Nidhi Chanani: Empowerment Through Fantasy

Nidhi.ChananiNidhi Chanani is a survivor. She survived a traumatic childhood and the loss of her first baby. That doesn’t stop her from finding and celebrating the beautiful, everyday moments. That’s how she created her graphic arts website and artwork: Everyday Love.

Her debut graphic novel, Pashmina, tells the story of a teenage Indian American girl navigating adolescence and the mystery of her mother’s past. She finds a magical pashmina shawl in her mother’s luggage and is transported to a fantastical version of India. Other women who wear this shawl see potential, possibility and opportunity to empower themselves.

It’s a delightful story of women empowering themselves and the next generation of young women. For the December 18, 2017 episode of Intersections Radio, I spoke with Nidhi about developing this graphic novel, what it means to be a survivor, and celebrating the mundane.


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Air date: 12/18/2017:

**Read the transcript of the interview: 012418 Intersections with Nidhi Chanani