Vidyut Latay: Beyond Silence


Vidyut Latay, Photo by Nirali Thakkar

Beyond-Silence-200x300Vidyut Latay is a filmmaker based out of Los Angeles California as well as a Film Consultant with the nonprofit organization, Filmmakers’ Alliance, which supports new filmmakers in achieving their goals.

Her short documentary, “Beyond Silence” chronicles the lives of the Mumbai Deaf community. The unique aspect about this film is that the film features this community in a positive light, as an ethnic minority, rather than a group to be pitied and marginalized. This film has been screening all over the world and won the Award of Merit for Short Documentary – Best Shorts Competition in LA Jolla CA last year.

I met Vidyut Latay outside of the Union Station in Los Angeles, CA, back in March. We discussed her entry into the Deaf community, as a hearing person and as a film-maker. We also talked about challenges facing these communities in India and worldwide.

This interview features music by Prasanna and the Electric Ganeshaland Ensemble and Vidyut’s brother, Salil Latay. Salil Latay’s original composition was  featured in the film as well.

We featured this interview on the arts program, Stage & Studio, as well as APA Compass on KBOO.

Air Dates: 7/2/2013 & 7/5/2013: 

**You can access a transcript of the interview here: StageNStudio_VidyutLatay_transcript

You can check out the trailer below:

**Beyond Silence was recently picked up by PBS as a part of their “Shorts Showcase”! You can watch the short version of the film here: