Hari Kondabolu and the Year 2042

New York-based comedian Hari Kondabolu is on tour armed with his album, “Waiting for 2042.” According to census data and obsessed media-outlets, 2042 is the year that white people will be the statistical minority in the United States. Hari is known for his political style of humor, often intertwining issues of race and racism. While he might align with “liberals”, poking fun at mainstream media, he calls them out as well, as heard in his jokes about liberals threatening to move to Canada during the Bush Administration.

He has performed for audiences all over the world, including appearances on David Letterman, Conan O’Brien andHari-Kondabolu-2011even our very own, APA Compass. His album was recorded in Oakland, following the Trayvon Martin verdict. His album, “Waiting for 2042” is available on indie-label Kill Rock Stars. You can order it on CD, Bandcamp or iTunes.

He’s on tour again, and joined me (by phone) in conversation for Dmae Roberts’ show, Stage & Studio on KBOO Community Radio. Check out the podcast and find him in your city here!

**This interview features music by The Slants

Air date: 9/9/2014: