Chaitali Sen: The Pathless Sky

pathless sky cover 2.jpgChaitali Sen is a writer from Austin, TX. Her debut novel, The Pathless Sky, is the story of a couple navigating their relationship through a country’s political turmoil. Although the country is fictional, we feel a sense of familiarity in the various challenges faced by the main characters in the novel.

Her short fiction, reviews, and essays have appeared in New England Review, New Ohio Review, Colorado Review, The Aerogram, Los Angeles Review of Books, and other journals.

Chaitali SenChaitali’s work is unique in that she purposefully strayed from writing from the South Asian American experience. She’s also a first grade teacher in Austin, which means she not only worked hard at two full-time jobs, but she basically had to lead a double-life toward the publication of The Pathless Sky.

For the April 6, 2016 episode of Intersections Radio, we met up on Skype and talked about developing characters in a fictional space and the immense journey toward this novel.

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Air date: 4/6/2016 

**Read a transcript of the interview: 041216 Intersections with Chaitali Sen transcript