#NODAPL: Sarah Young Bear-Brown


Sarah Young Bear-Brown (taken from Facebook)

One of the longest running stories of 2016 was the protest at Standing Rock, ND – to reroute the Dakota Access Pipeline. This protest gathered indigenous communities, environmentalists and allies from all over the world to support the water protectors – during a contentious presidential campaign.

I spoke with Sarah Young Bear Brown, a Deaf Meskwaki woman from the Tama Settlement in Tama, IA, (oh and check out her awesome vlog on the new ASL sign for “Native American” here) who spent Thanksgiving week at Standing Rock. We spoke just after the Army Corps of Engineers denied the permit to grant access, requiring rerouting of the Dakota Access Pipeline. While this was seen as a major victory for the water protectors, Sarah felt their fight isn’t quite over.

This interview was originally conducted in American Sign Language. Charlotte Davidson provided voiceover and Sarah Middleton helped with translation. This story was featured on the Dec. 9, 2016 episode of the KBOO Evening News. Check out the podcast!

Air date: 12/9/2016:

**You can also read a transcript of the segment here: kboonews_nodapl

**Check out the original (captioned) video of the interview in American Sign Language:

Special thanks to:
**Charlotte Davidson for voiceover
**Sarah Middleton for help with translation