Rene Denfeld: On humanizing trauma

The Child Finder hc c (002).jpgRene Denfeld won critical acclaim for her first novel, The Enchanted, inspired by her experience as an investigator on death penalty cases. Her second novel, The Child Finder, is the story of missing children: the protagonist, Naomi, is an investigator who is searching for a missing child, Madison Culver, in the deep snow filled woods in Oregon. In finding this child, Naomi recalls her own past as a missing child.

Rene joined me in studio for a live episode of Intersections Radio at KBOO Community Radio, to talk about the realities of issues that occur in her book: the racial disparities of missing children and the ability to write humanity into society’s worst characters even when considering Rene’s own difficult past.

This interview aired for the September 12, 2017 episode of Intersections Radio. Check out the podcast!

Rene Denfeld author photo 1 (002)

Rene Denfeld

Air date (KBOO): 9/12/2017 
**Read the transcript of the interview: 092217 Intersections with Rene Denfield transcript