ISLRTC Autonomy Now!: The WIN


Courtesy of the ISLRTC Autonomy Now! facebook page

First things first: Read, listen to and watch everything here for the back story on the Indian Sign Language Research and Training Center and Deaf India’s fight to run this establishment.

Now that you’ve done your homework, I can direct you to the GREAT news: Deaf Indians fought hard for their rights to language, for the right to be Deaf…and won! Prior to his visit to the US, Prime Minister Narendra Modi finally signed the approval that the Indian Sign Language Research and Training Center will be run autonomously. That means that this center is for Deaf people, run by Deaf people and frankly, acts as a symbol of validation for the existence of Deaf people.

For the October 1 episode of KBOO News In-Depth, I spoke with Madan Vasishta, chief officer of the ISLRTC, about the fight, the protest and the win. Neerja Vasishta interpreted our conversation for the interview. Check out the podcast and keep checking back for photos and video of Deaf Indians celebrating this huge win! Stay tuned for the transcript!

Air date: 10/1/2015:

**I anchor the KBOO Evening News every Thursday at 5 pm pacific. You can listen to the October 1st, 2015 full broadcast here.

Check out the original video interview with Madan for this story:

**You can read a transcript of the interview: 100115 Interview with Madan Vasishta