Racial Disparities in Oregon: Panel Discussion

The Coalition for Communities of Color published a thorough report in 2009, detailing the staggering disparities in racial minorities in Multnomah County, Oregon (home to Portland). Last month, they developed another report specific to Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities and the severe inequalities here, as compared to the rest of the nation.

I was fortunate to speak with three experts in our panel discussion today for our April APA Compass show: Ann Curry-Stevens, professor of Social Work at Portland State University and co-author of the report, June Arima Schumann and Reverend Joseph Santos-Lyons of APANO.

Check out the report and learn more about the work by these dedicated contributors!

*Special thanks to Andrew Yeh for his help with this segment

Air Date: 4/6/2012 APA Compass_CCCPanel_podcast