Kiran Ahluwalia’s Sanata: Stillness

pg_img19_bTwo-time Juno award winning modern Indian music singer Kiran Ahluwalia has a new album, Sanata: Stillness. It features lovely songs composed by Kiran with accompanying rhythms by her husband, renowned jazz guitarist, Rez Abbasi. While Kiran was previously steeped in fusing contemporary styles with the ancient tradition of ghazals, she’s evolved into composing her own lyrics and fusing Saharan desert blues.

Kiran has joined me on KBOO twice before: previously on APA Compass and again on Stage & Studio during her debut performance in Portland. She joined me again for Stage & Studio, live on the phone from New York city, to talk about this latest album, the evolution of her music and her sex life! Actually we took a trip down memory lane; reminiscing on that time I interviewed her for Chicago World Music Festival (my first ever ever radio interview!) and apparently it got…X-rated!

This interview featured Sanata, Hayat and Jhoom, from her latest album, Sanata: Stillness, and Merey Mathey from Wanderlust.

And check out this cool music video, filmed on site in India!

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Air date: 6/15/2015: