Chitra Viraraghavan: The Americans

Americans-CoverChitra Viraraghavan is the author of her debut novel, The Americans. This is the story of Tara, a single Indian woman in her mid-30s who travels to America to look after her teenage niece while her sister Kamala is dealing with her autistic son’s treatment. Woven expertly together, The Americans tells the stories of 11 people whose lives span the country from Louisville to Chicago to Los Angeles to Portland to Boston. And all of their stories connect back to Tara.

Chitra ViraraghavanChitra hails from Chennai, and came to the US for her book tour in Boston, Portland and San Francisco. I was lucky enough to catch her in studio. She joined me for Stage & Studio on KBOO, and we talked about some of her favorite characters in her book.

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Air date: 8/11/2015