Anat Maytal: A SCOTUS Tale


The group of 12 Deaf and Hard of Hearing lawyers sworn in at the Supreme Court of the United States on April 19, 2016

Anat Maytal is the president of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Bar Association and an attorney with Baker Hostetler in New York City specializing in Business Litigation. You might recognize her as one of the twelve Deaf and Hard of Hearing lawyers sworn in to the Supreme Court of the United States on April 19, 2016.

It’s hard to imagine what a big deal this is, which is why I spoke to Anat. She talked about advocating for herself in law school and in state and federal courts for accommodations. We also uncomfortably giggled about inappropriate behavior and trickery as used by other attorneys to try to discredit her work because of disability (or in my favorite story, accusing her of “faking” her disability!).

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Anat Maytal

Most importantly was the visual of seeing a large group of Deaf and Hard of Hearing attorneys being recognized by the Supreme Court. Included in this visual was access to communication with interpreters, live captioning and other accessible devices.

For the May 25, 2016 episode of Intersections Radio, we met on Skype to talk about Anat’s journey into the legal profession, being sworn in as a SCOTUS lawyer and what this means for the future of people with disabilities in the legal profession. Check out the podcast!
**There were some technical difficulties during recording. 

Air date: 5/25/2016 

**Read the transcript of the interview: 052516 Intersections with Anat Maytal transcript