#Deaf(in)Justice Part 1: Amber Farrelly

KCD16_Farrelly-1**This is the first episode in a two-part series that discusses the Deaf community’s complicated relationship with the Justice System. The Deaf community is at a unique intersection of linguistic minority and disability access.

Amber Farrelly is a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in representing Deaf clients in various counties in Texas. Recently she found herself nearly in contempt of court due to refusing to pay for interpreter fees even though it wasn’t her responsibility to pay such fees nor the responsibility of her client.

KCD16_FarrellyPres-2We talked about the conflict of access to communication and the right to a fair trial for Deaf clients in the justice system. For the June 1, 2016 episode of Intersections Radio, Amber and I talked about these issues and more.

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Air date: 6/1/2016 

**Read the transcript of the interview: 060116 Intersections with Amber Farelly transcript

Correction (6/2/2016): Amber Farrelly is a practicing criminal defense attorney who is also a legally certified interpreter. She is not the only legal professional with these dual credentials in the US.