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Vanita Gupta: Mass Incarceration and Racial Inequalities

Vanita Gupta, Deputy Legal Director of the ACLU and Director of the ACLU’s Center for Justice, was the invited keynote speaker at this year’s Northwest ACLU conference at Lewis & Clark College back… Continue reading

Jo Ogden: Oregon’s Ghadar Party History

Back in October of this year, the city of Astoria celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the Ghadar Party’s origins in their town. The Ghadar Party included the initial revolutionaries involved in the… Continue reading

Vivek Bald: Bengali Harlem

While the assumption about South Asian American immigration tends to follow the wave of Punjabi Sikh immigrants in California during the 1920s or the larger wave of Indian immigrants during the 1960s and… Continue reading

Jeremy Lin and Linsanity

In celebration of the new documentary, Linsanity, which chronicles the life of NBA player, Jeremy Lin, here’s a throwback to a story from last November! This feature was a team-effort by Compassers Liz… Continue reading

Deaf South Asian Americans: Shazia’s Story

Shazia Siddiqi is a Deaf Pakistani American doctor, born in Texas area and raised in California. Meeting a deaf doctor is not a common experience, so I asked her to share her medical… Continue reading

Deaf South Asian Americans: Smita’s Story

Smita Kothari was born and brought up in Mumbai, India. She finished her college degrees in Business and in Education in India, never having had interpreters. Smita moved here two years ago after… Continue reading

Deaf South Asian Americans: Zara’s Story

Zara Husain is a Deaf Pakistani American scholar from Columbia University, who divides her time between the east coast and Lahore, Pakistan. She was kind enough to share some stories from her life… Continue reading

Vidyut Latay: Beyond Silence

Vidyut Latay is a filmmaker based out of Los Angeles California as well as a Film Consultant with the nonprofit organization,¬†Filmmakers’ Alliance, which supports new filmmakers in achieving their goals. Her short documentary,… Continue reading

Deaf South Asian Americans: Madan Vasishta’s First Days in America

The South Asian American Digital Archive, or SAADA, (whose president, Samip Mallick, was featured on APA Compass a couple years ago) is launching a wonderful new project called “First Days”, asking South Asian… Continue reading

Khaled Hosseini: And the Mountains Echoed

Khaled Hosseini is the author of The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns and his latest novel, And the Mountains Echoed. He is also a medical doctor and a UN ambassador. His novels… Continue reading