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Anjan Manikumar: SIGNS Restaurant

A new restaurant has opened in downtown Toronto in which you have to order your food using sign language! Even if you don’t know sign language, there are tutorials all around the restaurant… Continue reading

Hari Kondabolu and the Year 2042

New York-based comedian Hari Kondabolu is on tour armed with his album, “Waiting for 2042.” According to census data and obsessed media-outlets, 2042 is the year that white people will be the statistical… Continue reading

Simon Tam, The Slants, and the Power of Language

Simon Tam is the founder and bassist of Portland’s very own Chinatown dance rock band, The Slants. The band is beloved worldwide and has even gained recognition from younger audiences, survivors of Japanese internment… Continue reading

Jean Kwok: Mambo in Chinatown

Jean Kwok is the author of two novels, Girl in Translation, and her latest, Mambo in Chinatown. As a child, she and her family immigrated from Hong Kong to New York where she… Continue reading

Julia Cooke: Life in the New Cuba

Julia Cooke is a Portland-native reporter who now lives in NYC where she teaches Writing, and reports from Mexico and Cuba. Her first book, The Other Side of Paradise: Life in the New… Continue reading

Sikh American Children and Bullying

The Sikh Coalition recently released a report, Go Home Terrorist: A Report on the Bullying of Sikh American School Children. The findings of this report (including staggering statistics such as 67% of turbaned… Continue reading

Michael Pacheco: Of Angels, Demons & Chopped Chorizo

Today I had the pleasure of chatting with local author-former Marine-soon to be retired attorney, Michael Pacheco. He is the author of Of Angels, Demons and Chopped Chorizo: A Collection of Cuentos. Born… Continue reading

Julia Alvarez: A Dominican in Haiti

Julia Alvarez is one of my favorite writers (my extremely biased perspective), ever since my college years when I discovered her novel, How the García Girls Lost their Accents. Born in New York… Continue reading

Ishmael Beah: The Radiance of Tomorrow

Writer and humanitarian, Ishmael Beah, survived a childhood conscripted as a soldier in his native Sierra Leone. That story is told in his memoir, A Long Way Gone. He recently published his first… Continue reading

Mirta Ojito: Hunting Season

Five years ago this past November, an Ecuadorian undocumented immigrant named Marcelo Lucero was out walking at night with his friend, Angel Loja, in Patchogue, a quiet town outside of Long Island, NY.… Continue reading