“Making Change” Special: Rupa Marya

You remember the last time Rupa Marya, the lead vocalist and director of Rupa and the April Fishes came to Portland – we had a great conversation at KBOO for APA Compass! 

The April Fishes’ music encompasses elements of jazz, blues, klezmer, folk amongst others, with songs in Spanish, French and English. Rupa herself was born in India, grew up in France and San Francisco, and uses her music to give voice to her experiences. Rupa and the April Fishes stopped in Portland again, and I wasted no time to invite her back to KBOO!

Rupa took a hiatus from medicine last year to develop their latest album, BuildThe album, Build was released this past year, inspired by uprisings around the world including the Occupy movements, Tahrir Square, Chilean student riots and the economic difficulties in Greece.

While they were on tour in Portland last month, I sat down with Rupa at our KBOO studio to discuss the Build tour, and specifically, an upcoming 6-week stay in India to promote awareness on the devasting issue of farmer suicides. She also talked about the activism she’s done through much of her career as part of her music.

Check out the podcast for this special edition of Stage and Studio to hear the an inspiring artist and hear her music!

‘Making Change’ is a series about the intersection of creativity and social change. AIt’s funded by the Regional Arts and Culture Council and individual donors including June Arima & John Schumann Fund of the Equity Foundation.

Air Date: 11/27/2012 SNS Podcast_RupaMarya

(Encores 11am Sat., Dec. 1st on KZME 107.1FM.)