Jorge Cham and PhD Comics: Piled Higher and Deeper

nav_home_big2220px-Jorge_Cham-EPFL_mg_2892Jorge Cham is a cartoonist with a PhD. Perhaps not quite in that order.

He is known to some as the illustrator and author of PhD Comics: Piled Higher and Deeper. What started out as a way to cope and procrastinate in graduate school soon became an online phenomenon, five published collections of comics, a movie and now an online video series. Jorge did graduate with his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and even pursued academia as a tenure-track faculty member at Cal-Tech. He left that job to be a full-time cartoonist, visiting campuses and research centers around the world. His comics are widely popular and even fulfill the procrastination needs of graduate students and the occasional radio journalist (ahem!) far and wide.

I spoke to him via phone for our December episode of APA Compass on KBOO.

Air Date: 12/7/2012 APACompass_JorgeCham_podcast