Jennifer Yu: Four Weeks, Five People

9780373212309_SMP_FC_proof2.jpgBoston-native Jennifer Yu has had quite an eventful year: She published her debut young adult novel, Four Weeks, Five People, just before graduating from college at the University of Pennsylvania. Getting to graduation wasn’t easy: after attempting to major in fields like Pre-Med and Economics (and “do the right thing”), she couldn’t deny her love for English and writing.

And of course her debut novel: This is a rare, honest account of adolescents navigating mental health treatment in group therapy. In fact, the impetus to write this story was in part inspired by her own experiences with group therapy while she was in college. What struck me most about this novel is the unique composition of characters including an Asian American teenager who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and finds safety in numbers.


Jennifer Yu

Jennifer Yu joined me by phone for the June 14th, 2017 episode of Intersections Radio, and we talked about negotiating health stigmas in our communities, the economics of treatment and the meaning of recovery.
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Air date: 6/14/2017 (KBOO), 6/15/2017 (XRAY): 

**Read the transcript of the interview: 062017 Intersections with Jennifer Yu transcript