Moazzam Sheikh: Representing Literary South Asian America

SouthAsiaIssue_ChicagoQuarterly_Final_01.jpgThe Chicago Quarterly Review is a literary anthology that invites aspiring and established writers to submit fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Any writer can tell you the challenges of getting published and the topic itself has been discussed by so many authors on this show. The wonderful surprise of this latest issue, Volume 24, is that it’s The South Asian American Issue. That’s the title and there are 46 South Asian American writers featured. 46! In fact, two of those writers, Nayomi Munaweera and Chaitali Sen,  have been guests on this show.

For the August 30, 2017 episode of Intersections Radio, I chatted with the senior editor of The South Asian American Issue of the Chicago Quarterly Review: Moazzam Sheikh. He’s a writer and translator who lives in San Francisco and author of two collections of short stories: Cafe Le Whore and Other Stories and Idol Lover and Other Stories. His fiction is also included in the South Asian American Issue.


Moazzam Sheikh

We met up at Caffe Trieste in San Francisco where we talked about the state of literature as represented by South Asian American writers and of course, we geeked out about his work as a literary translator.

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Air date (KBOO) 8/30/2017: 
**Check out the transcript of the interview: 091217 Intersections with Moazzam Sheikh transcript